30 weeks

Written by Kate • February 24, 2015 •
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Me at 30 weeks

Me at 30 weeks

Well, I’ve made it to 30 weeks and it feels great. I’m so glad things are going well and even if I’m uncomfortable, I’m hoping to get to 38 weeks.

This has been a crazy week. Although I had been sleeping really well last week, this week I’ve been very uncomfortable at night and have not slept well at all. I think I need to be sure to stretch my hips, lower back, legs and whole body really. That may be the difference. I find also that if I spend part of the night propped up so I’m sleeping at incline, my hips don’t hurt me as much. But it’s taking me a long time to get to sleep and I have a few bouts of wakefulness around 3am and 6am and I’m just too tired to get up and go with it until I can take a nap later. So I just lie there for another hour or so until I feel tired again.

Dion was off in Paris this week so I had the whole bed to myself. Now that he’s back, it’s been about the same. In the end, I start out in bed until about 4am and then end up on the sofa until 9am. It’s working well enough for now!

The nexium has kicked in. I’m very happy that it seems to be working and I haven’t needed to supplement with tums. It’s actually near to life changing, how little acid reflux I’ve had.

This week, I finally really tackled the Christmas lights that have been lying on the ground since I took them down two or three weeks ago. And so I put them away in the basement and finally was able to put all Christmas boxes in their proper place. I then tackled the desk in the dining the room and the kitchen and dining room table. It took me hours and hours and hours and hours to do this. I had to take so many breaks and I was going so slowly that I’m astounded at how much I actually got done. By the time I want to bed around 10:30pm that evening, I was getting some strong indications from the belly that I overdid things. I had more round ligament pain getting into bed and I just had to lie still for a good 20 minutes before I could get move to get comfortable. So ok, I should do less in one day. My ankles were swollen and I was beyond exhausted but it felt good to do some deeper straightening up, like around the kitchen desk, the dining room, etc. But I do need to learn to do less in one day and take more lie downs to allow my belly to rest.

I also finally purchased maternity underwear because I don’t want to ruin what I have (Natori- LOVE) so I got some and they seem super comfortable. I also bought two nursing nighties and robes- for the hospital and for home. With visitors and such, I want to be able to cover up in a way that also allows easy access to the twins. In trying to find different nursing nighties, I saw that several only allowed access to one breast at a time and that just won’t work for me (if all goes to plan).

Big new for this week is that we held the shower on the 7th. It’s quite humbling and wonderful to receive from other people.

Gift Table

Here is the gift table

I normally find myself unwilling to ask or accept help so this has been quite an eye opener about myself. People are being so generous and kind, I’m really quite touched by it all. And so many thanks to my sister, Amber, and to Rhoma for putting this one. I’m really so touched by it.

Amber with the balloons to help guid the arriving guests

Amber with the balloons to help guid the arriving guests




I wore my maternity dress because hey, I’ll only have a few chances to wear it before birth (thankfully I got it on massive sale so it was only $18).  It was hard to just sit back and allow Amber and Rhoma spend all this time and money on my party and to have people give to us. But I’m really trying to allow other people to give me support, if they are so inclined. I love to give to other people so I’m trying to just allow it all in.

We had a wonderful turn out and the weather totally cooperated. It was a warm day, no snow! Thanks to all who showed. Here are some photos from the big night.

Rhoma getting prepared while I watch her work!

Rhoma getting prepared while I watch her work!

Gluten free cake table

The beautiful gluten free cake and goodies table.


Colleen and me with Tim photobombing us in the background

Dion wearing the mandated pink boa

Dion wearing the mandated pink boa

The whole scene

The whole scene

Baby shower games

Baby shower games- taste the baby food

Theda's beautiful cookies for A and B

Theda’s beautiful cookies for A and B

Gift Table

The gift table

30 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK:  How incredibly active they’ve become and the shower.

CRAVINGS:  This week I’m craving steak.


WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO:   Now that the shower is over, I know what I need to buy so I’ll be making the final purchases and putting my labor and delivery bags together.

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