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Kate Allen, the authorListen to the stillness. Surrender to the Divine.

In January 2019, my partner and I bought one way tickets to Bali for our family. We had two months of housing lined up and we thought we would see how it goes. It’s working out well. We’ve lived in Ubud, the spiritual capital of Bali and Sanur, a lovely beach town that has excellent yoga and lots for our young children to do.

Bali is our current home. We have no plans to return to the US at the moment and are trying to choose the best village to settle in, one that meets all of our needs (yoga, playgrounds, access to the beach, authentic Balinese surroundings).  It’s a tall order. But I have no doubt it’ll all come together, so long as we don’t force it or hold too tightly to the outcome.

I launched this blog (and business) in 2011 with the vague intention of being a life coach. In the few years leading up to 2011, I was living a life that was so far removed from my inner world, my true heart, that I had to numb out in order to make through each day. I drank a little too much. I definitely ate too much. And I rarely stopped to tune into what my body and soul were saying.  In 2010, I finally saw that I was making daily choices -choices about living, working, spending my free time, and who my friends were, that did not serve who I really am. I was numb to the core. But numbness only works so long and the rise of pain finally overwhelmed my desire to fit in to the point that I decided to do something about it. I took a class about getting back in touch. I hired a coach. I took more classes. And I finally got still and listened to the silence.

The numbness lifted and I felt a drive to help others with that same pain and tried to start a business with that as my goal.  But it wasn’t really quite the right fit and I wasn’t really specific enough to speak to my tribe and my enthusiasm waned.

I took time out to do some fertility treatments and then have and start to raise babies. I’m the mom of two year old boy/girl twins. I have been a stay at home mom for their first 2.5 years but it’s time again to launch this business.

I know now that my business is about seeking the sacred in every day life, being authentic and true and surrendering to the Divine in order to live a life that is in flow. This site is being  updated with my new business and offers, as they come available.

In addition to remembering to surrender every day, I’ve started again with yoga this year and I love me my vinyasa and hatha and yin yoga.  Kale and bacon is the best breakfast ever. I eat paleo, I intermittently fast,. I tried vegetarianism and raw food lifestyles in the past. Paleo for me is the best way to eat.

One of my main preoccupations these days is about how to reduce my plastic usage and how to slow down my life, consume less, love more, and be present to every moment.


A big part of my life is my children. Here is an early photo of them. The cuteness!

So cute

Out on the town at 9 months.

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