About Kate

Warm. Committed. Motivating.

After years trying to make it work in a variety of careers as a successful executive in the corporate world, Kate began to realize that there was something else calling to her.  She knew there was something else that she should be doing but she didn’t know what it was.

By cultivating stillness, journaling, and a daily meditation practice, Kate began to fill so much more centered and grounded and able to hear the internal guidance that had always been there. Now she knows there is no “destination”,  no place to get to. With those realizations, Kate began the process of rediscovering her joy and why she’s here, each day. Now, she works on making each moment count, staying present and enjoying each step of the journey.

Kate now has fun in her life, helping her clients get past the layers of numbness they’ve built up by ignoring their own heart’s desires and the clear emotional guidance their body and mind provide them.  By working with Kate, her clients are able to know stillness, tranquility, and begin listening to their own inner voice. She loves to help people step into a life of delight, and have fun while doing it.

When she’s not working, Kate really enjoys spending time her home with a great new book, cooking, or checking out what’s the latest mystery on Masterpiece Mystery. She also really loves hiking the Appalachian Trail behind her house, biking, traveling, and uplifting movies. And having conquered her own limiting belief about heights,  she has recently taken up rock climbing.

Contact Kate

For a free dream life assessment and 20 minute chat to see how we can get you there, contact me at kate [at] kate-allen [dot] com.

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