I’m not exactly sure how but I know I need small steps [needs links and flourishes]

Written by Kate • December 20, 2018 •
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My past MO has always been to utterly “attack” whatever I’m going after and make massive changes. And then I work hard for a long with the new “system”. But the changes to my life are so massive, especially a new exercise regime, that I either exhaust myself or get injured again. I also know now that I need to replace my old thought patterns with new ones and that’s another change here too. I am engaging in more visualizations and allowing for the old patterns to arise in my mind, for me to witness them, and for them to subside again without attaching to them and beating myself up for not being perfect, as I have the last 1000 times I’ve tried a new way to live. Now I want a new way to BE. And given I’m starting injured, with my hips and pubic symphosis and my knee issues and my ribs from how out of balance by body is, I know starting small is my only option.

I  have the feeling I need to start with my core and build a strong foundation. I realized how weak my core is from laughing hard at a friend’s hilarious story and I was seriously in pain by the end of it. My abs (and cheeks) were killing me by the end of the story.  I put it out there that I want to work on abs and BOOM, a new exercise program that combines ab work and dancing floats across my FB feed.  The universe provides by showing me an core strengthening exercise program based on dancing called Figure 8. I start with about 15 minutes today. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I didn’t get out of bed until my alarm went off at 5am. I’m finding that I sleep better as the night goes on. This is likely hormonal changes that are occurring from being older or from the stress I’ve been carrying from being so happy at not choosing to live the life I dream of. I read a book by Matt Stone called Diet Recovery 2 and Eat for Heat and in it, he discusses being up with racing thoughts between 2 and 4am. Bingo. That’s me. So I’ve tried his concoction of honey and salt and it does seem to be working.

I’ve become a working mom just as I got the inspiration to launch this. Perhaps because of the work, which is lucrative but it doesn’t stir my soul, I got the inspiration to launch this. I would like to try to launch this, my new exercise regime, and keep working, and keep being there for my kids – all at the same time. Huh. Perhaps I am making massive changes again. I do know that I need to go to bed by 8pm in order to get up at 4am. Getting up at 4 gives me 2.5 hours of me time before the kids are awake. And it’s 2.5 hours of my best time- when I’m most refreshed and not at the end of a long day. And when it’s quiet and still outside.

What does my day look like now?

What does my best day look like?

What exercise? How often? Figure 8 and Betty Rocker and yoga. Kyle Cease/my own mentoring. Writing. Getting a new normal. Replacing my old htoughts with new ones. Podcasts by Brooke Castillo. No more netflix or prime video. Only quarlity viewing, perhaps with my sweetie. Quality time with my sweetie.

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