Set the Bar Low -and Win!

Written by Kate • April 24, 2012 •
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I know that common wisdom, or what is thought as common wisdom, recommends that we set the bar for what we want to achieve extremely high and then proceed to go for it.  In one way, this is exactly right. In another, this is exactly wrong. Lemme ‘esplain.

Set the Bar High- Shoot for the Moon

It’s true that setting the bar high, shooting for the moon, going for it are all good. In fact, this type of goal is inspiring and stirring to the soul. It’s highly motivating. It engages the spirit and gives you the will to act on this goal, despite our innate aversion to change.

What’s Your Path?

The problem with setting the bar high is that there are often hundreds and hundreds of steps between here and that goal.  And without having an understanding of the path, without a clear sense of the way forward, without envisioning what happens when you have a setback and how you power through it, without mini goals along the way, your ability to achieve your awesome goal becomes compromised. Your short term self wants to abandon your long term future for a little comfort now. And then one day, when you’re at your lowest ebb or that voice that says “I don’t feel like” is particularly strong, you give up on your goal.

No Can Do

Do this often enough and you start to lose faith in your ability to follow through on your dreams, your goals, and your word.

Set the Bar Low

The way to get out of the “no can do” mindset is to set the bar low. This helps you get some wins under your belt  and gives you faith again in yourself and your ability to follow through. So set an easy to achieve goal and along with it, create brain dead simple steps on the path to achieving this easy goal. Know your path. Envision a setback and how you’ll respond to it. And then acknowledge and celebrate when you’ve achieved that goal.  This creates a new habit of winning and of following through on your word.

Keep at these easier, do-able goals and build on your new habit and confidence. But go slowly and don’t shoot for the moon until you’re really comfortable with your ability to understand what it is that you want, how to create the path to get there, and the unshakable belief that you will get there.

Become someone who can do what you set out to do, in your own mind, the only place that matters.

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