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Three Days of Upleveling with Christine Kane

Written by Kate • October 21, 2011 •

Christine KaneI’m just back from three days with my business coach, Christine Kane, at our final 2011 Gold Mastermind Group. It was three days surrounded by 100 amazing women, as we all worked on our businesses, rather than in them-together creating a mastermind.  I was touched by the amazingly soulful women that Christine draws to her and the quality of client that Christine has.  These are amazing women.

What most struck me during my time with Christine in Asheville, NC is one phrase she used, just once: “This is reality here, not what you’re experiencing at home”.  To me what that means is that there, surrounded by people who believe, as I do, in our ability to transform our lives is what is real.  Real doesn’t mean that life is perfect or that there are no problems or that there aren’t some challenges to overcome.

Instead, real means that we all can live delight-filled lives by taking each challenge and transforming it. By taking chances, living authentically, we can take each moment and transform our lives, bit by bit, into the life our dreams. We can tackle our fears, we can be vulnerable, we can connect.  And real will be transformed into the life we want to live, not the small one we have been living.

And so I believe: real is the connection, the vulnerability, the joy of living a big huge life.

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