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Stay in Touch With Friends and Family Better – Get Fewer Emails

Written by Kate • March 23, 2012 •
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Wavering_Flower_by_ctrcI’ve realize that I haven’t been as good as I’d like at staying in touch with family and friends over email. To be honest, I’ve been shockingly bad at it. So rather than beat myself up over this, I analyzed what the issue is.  And I saw that when I sit down to go through my emails and either respond to a friend or draft up an email of my own, I got bogged down by all the marketing emails I get. I  have three email accounts and somehow I’ve managed to sign up for just about every email you can imagine, from groupon to sporting events in my area to Moosejaw.

So now I was spending a considerable amount of time deleting those emails so I can get to the emails I wanted to actually read or respond to. And deleting them became a daily activity that consumed more time and mental energy than I had and by the end of my deleting frenzy, I had no brain power left to write to my loved ones. I unsubscribed like mad, every email that wasn’t essential to my well being – gone!

Now I spend no time weeding through my emails. I’m reaching out to my family and friends. How awesome is that?

How much time are you wasting on deleting emails? How effective are you at keeping in touch with family and friends?

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