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Merry Christmas

Written by Kate • December 23, 2011 •
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Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope for you a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, full of magic, mystery, family and friends, and tears of joy.

To my friends and family, near and far, I miss you and look forward to our next meeting.

Dion and I have selected gifts for our nephews and family with care and love. I see now the hope and anxiety that my parents and aunts and uncles must have poured into my gifts and am grateful now for them, even I wasn’t aware then.

I think this year will finally be the year in which I get something for Dion which he’ll love and use for years to come. Fingers crossed!

In accord with their alternating visiting schedule [one year here with my sister and me for Christmas and the next with my brother and his family], my parents are with my brother’s family, enjoying their long standing traditions that I know their children will enjoy reminiscing about in later years: Christmas Eve with their Mom’s family and all their cousins, a house filled with presents, friends, and love followed by Christmas Day with good friends, a lot more quiet which means times to play with their gifts, and a traditional meal prepared with skill and love, including a cooked goose!

My sister and her family will be joining us this year at our place. I’ve only been in a home large enough for my entire family in the past few years so I’m happy to both host it in my home and to be able to pay them back for all the years we spent camped out at their house for every holiday and extended family visit.  The adults will bake pies and wrap presents on Christmas Eve while watching the Thanksgiving episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. [Many years ago, I was introduced to Buffy by my good friend, Penny, and was promptly obsessed until I had seen them all. I quickly introduced the series to my sister as well, who was promptly obsessed with them all. So we now watch the Thanksgiving episode together while wrapping presents and enjoy our quirky, shared obsessions and love of tradition].  We then move onto either It’s a Wonderful Life, which my brother-in-law always protests, or White Christmas. I cry at the sentimental part of either movie, no matter that I’ve seen them 100 times or more. During all of this, Dion will do what it takes to somehow convince Amber to help him wrap his gifts to me, which are always incredibly thoughtful and lovingly selected, while getting me to either leave the room or look away.

As Christmas morning dawns, my teen and tween nephews will try to wait patiently to open their presents, easing their impatience by piling all the gifts into a pile for each person.  They can’t wait to tear into their presents with glee, but can only do so after being tortured by having to wait till Mom, Dad, Aunt Kate, and Uncle Dion are sitting down to enjoy the coming spectacle and that all have their coffee in one hand and cameras in the other, after having spoken to Grandma and Grandpa and various Great Aunts who call. My brother-in-law and I then spend the next hour or so cutting the toys out of their industrial casing, getting enough batteries for each gift, and showing the boys how to use and play with their gifts while Amber and Dion work the breakfast and additional infusions of coffee.

And I wouldn’t miss any of it for the world.

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