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Week 28

Written by Kate • February 3, 2015 •
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Kate at 28 weeks

Kate at 28 weeks

Week 28

This week, which started on Jan 21st, 2015,  feels like the pregnancy has really kicked in. I feel larger than I ever have and much heavier in my abdomen, which makes it harder to get off the sofa. My feet are swelling much more than before starting at the ankles. Apparently this is pretty common in all pregnant women, including those with singleton pregnancies.

And for all of the interrupted sleep I’ve been getting from sore hips or getting up to pee, I actually slept through the night last night, in the bed. It was joyous! And the week was pretty good, in terms of how much I’m able to sleep through the night. Yes, I get up to pee every three hours or so but I got right back to sleep.

I had my 28 week appt with my OB. Their heart rates were good. B’s, the girl’s, is always much lower, than A’s, the boy’s. My blood pressure was good. No worries at this point.

And I also had my 28 week appt with the MFM, as well. If you’ll remember, from the last ultrasound, Baby A was measuring nearly 2 weeks larger for his gestational age and Baby B was nearly 2 weeks ahead of hers. But I passed the gestational diabetes test so no worries there. The ultrasound this week shows them about 10 days bigger and weighing 3 lbs each. I know that the weight estimates can be all over the map but the main thing is that they are growing.

Head down at 28 weeks

Babies are head down at 28 weeks

Some other things, I’m not exactly a bundle of energy here and I’m starting to stress myself out because I haven’t really done some of the things I have meant to, including creating a birth plan, speaking with the care navigator at the Birthing Inn to discuss my concerns, my food issues, etc, and I haven’t packed my go bags for the labor and delivery or gotten car seats. But the dresser is here and the crib has been ordered. I saved a few hundred dollars on the crib and dresser by keeping my eyes out on sales at BabiesRUs. Score! My shower is in a couple of weeks and I think I’ll start buying everything we need after that. Somehow I thought I’d be more together than this and have everything set up but no….not me.  But it’ll all come together, I’m sure.

Some of the issues that I continue to worry about, which is admittedly silly, is about my age and that I won’t make it to 38 weeks. I worry that despite not having gestational diabetes or having high blood pressure, I’ll all of sudden develop preeclampsia and have to deliver way early and the twins will spend weeks in NICU. Or I worry about placenta previa, having read about some of the preterm labor stories out there. In my more calm moments, I know all of this out of my control and worrying about it only steals my peace in the now without actually doing any good at preventing any of these concerns.

So the remaining question is when should Aunt Ruth come out?  I want to deliver at 38 weeks which is about April 1st but statistically it’s likely that I’ll deliver around 36 weeks. And with Dion traveling the week of March 15th, it seems prudent to have her come out before then. So perhaps the 11th?


28 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

HOW BIG ARE THE BABIES?  Baby Girl is 3 lbs and Baby Boy is 3 lbs

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK:  How incredible active they’ve become. I love how much they move now.

CRAVINGS:  Soup. I crave all sorts of soup, especially tom kha gai.


WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO:   Getting my to do list going and accomplishing some of the tasks

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