The Art of Gratitude [and Vision Boards]

Written by Kate • March 18, 2013 •
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When I’m ready to try something new, I often try to make sure I am doing things “right”. Thankfully I know this about myself so I often just get past that concern and “do it”, whatever needs to be done. Like so many other people, I wan to do something well from the beginning and part of that involves doing it right. Another, bigger part, involves just doing it despite the fear.  And just wading in, after as much research as I can do, gives me so much insight.

Lately a lot of things have been coming together and I see now that when something isn’t effortless, it’s time to tinker with the process. I’m also not afraid to try to understand why something isn’t working rather than beating my head against the wall and just keep at something, when I’m not getting the results I want or when it doesn’t feel good. Tinkering while still moving forward seems to me to be best way forward in pretty much all things.


My view one morning this summer visiting a lake

My view one morning last summer visiting a lake

One thing I’ve tried to do, with varying levels of success, is to make sure that I say my thanks at the end of each day, that I give gratitude for all I have, all I’ve experienced, seen, and felt. I see now that the reason why it’s been with varying levels of success is that I didn’t realize how much I was just doing it by rote.

I’m so grateful for the day I had. I’m so grateful for the wonderful bluejay that flew past my head today. I’m thankful that it’s nearly spring.  On and on with at least five things, aloud or on the page.  In retrospect, I was just saying those words aloud. What I was NOT doing was feeling the gratitude, that the words didn’t penetrate my heart or evoke any feelings.

So now as I say my gratitudes before going to bed and upon wakening, I say them AND I focus on those things for which I can actually feel the gratitude such that it starts in the pit of my stomach and spreads all through my body.  This is a very different feeling from what I had before and I’m so grateful [pun intended] that I stumbled upon this truth.

 Vision Boards

On a related note, the same goes for your Vision Board.  As Martha Beck states her Oprah magazine article on How to Create a Vision Board, the images we may first put down on our Vision Board are about ocean, money, great bodies, and all of the surface concerns of life. But to truly fire our imagination and inner self, we need to use images the help us envision what our real selves want, beneath the surface concerns that the social self would like.  If your Vision Board doesn’t make your imagination and heart race, if you’re not utterly inspired by your board, create a new one and then another until you gotten that board that makes you  feel alive. The time investment is so worth it.

What is your experience with feeling the feelings?

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Robert on March 18, 2013 at 7:24 pm | Permalink |

Hi Kate,

Just saw your post and really appreciate it! I just made a free site to help people practice gratitude that you might like as well:

Great to spread the practice of gratitude with you!


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